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Monday, July 22, 2013

The bed bug bites are the result left by these insects after taking blood in a capillary which is perforated skin because they introduce their mouth parts to suck blood.
The bed bug bites often go undetected because these substances inject a local anesthetic effects, and these insects saliva have anticoagulant effects that can cause progressive sensitivity, thus causing allergies in the case of repeated pits in the same place.

The stages of bed bug bites

  1. No phase reaction.
  2. The delayed reaction phase.
  3. The immediate reaction phase and delayed.
  4. The immediate reaction phase alone.
  5. Phase without allergy reaction.
The symptoms that a person has had bed bug bites has chronic or recurrent small papules, these are red and are found in every point of minced very troublesome for some days and later show scars.

Reactions of bed bug bites

  • Notaries and immediate reactions may appear within one to 24 hours after the bite and late reactions appear one to three days after the bite.
  • People are often bitten by these insects develop sensitization syndrome associated psychological disorders including (restlessness, sleeplessness, nervousness, etc.)
  • These bed bug bites can create chronic skin lesions.
  • Usually these attacks to the legs, arms, feet, hands and other exposed skin.
  • The bed bug bites are different flea bites as there is no red mark in the center of the bite, however there is a small papule that closely resembles the bite of mosquitoes.
  • These bites can not be detected early because they cause pain, the only way to know of the presence of bed bugs is that you see or have the presence of blood stains on the bedding.
  • Sometimes you just bite and affect a whole family member, even if they are sleeping in the same room, the reasons are unknown but it is visible that also have their preferences as to the blood or individual.

Allergies that occur bedbug bites

  • Allergies that cause the bed bug bites cause for concern and study by the health authorities of urbanization, so one should not underestimate the size of these insects because they are powerful and are the cause of many skin problems and allergies.
  • You can use the immunotoxic and allergenic to have a relationship with the exposure of biocides for proper control.
  • It is possible but also very difficult for someone sensitive to animals can have allergies when you stay in places where they have used bug detection dogs. 
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